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Providing a Lifelong Gift of Creativity and Enjoyment


Accepting Registration for 2024 Season

A Premier Dance School for Everyone

danceShala was founded on the belief that dance and music, be it vocal or instrumental, not just enhance one’s physical and intellectual development but also provide a lifelong gift of creativity and enjoyment.

It is our dream to build a comprehensive centre for Indian dance for the lifelong enjoyment of our members. Learn from professional dance instructors whose passion and dedication in the art inspire learners of all ages.

Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your skills and talents at Rhythm of Roots, our annual recital held every December. You can also partake in various events and festivities like our students who performed in the following: 

    • Shanti Bhavan Fundraiser 2023
    • Summer Skies 2023
    • Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2023
    • Carassauga 2023
    • Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2022
    • Carassauga 2022
    • Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2021
    • Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019
    • Carabram 2019
    • Carassauga 2019
    • Child Haven Fundraiser 2019
    • Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2018
    • Carassauga 2018
    • Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2017
    • Carassauga 2017
    • Harlem Globetrotters Basketball Pre-Game 2017
    • Mississauga Waterfront Festival 2016
    • Carassauga 2016
    • Carabram 2015
    • Brampton A's Basketball Half-Time 2015
    • Child Haven Fundraiser 2015
    • Carabram 2014
    • Community Festival – Diwali 2013
    • Community Festival – Holi 2013

Take a Look at Our Stunning Dance Studios

Come and experience the profound pleasure of learning the most creative form of enjoyment at our stunning studio in Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. Take a peek at our dancing havens by browsing the galleries below.

Mississauga Heartland

Brampton West

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